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PDF e-paper plugins

PDF e-paper to your WordPress website can be achieved using plugins that provide document embedding or viewer functionality. Here’s a suggested list of plugins you can consider using for this purpose:

  1. PDF Embedder: This plugin allows you to embed PDFs directly into your posts or pages using a simple shortcode. It provides a responsive viewer that works well on various devices.
  2. Embed Any Document: This versatile plugin supports a variety of document formats, including PDFs. It allows you to embed documents using a shortcode and provides options for customizing the viewer’s appearance.
  3. PDF.js Viewer Shortcode: This plugin uses the PDF.js library to display PDFs on your site. It provides a shortcode that you can use to insert a PDF viewer directly into your posts or pages.
  4. PDF Viewer for Elementor: If you’re using the Elementor page builder, this plugin integrates seamlessly with it to enable PDF embedding and viewing within your Elementor-designed pages.
  5. Google Doc Embedder: While not limited to just PDFs, this plugin can handle a wide range of document formats. It integrates with Google Docs, allowing you to embed documents stored on Google Drive.
  6. Flowpaper: This plugin focuses on providing a rich, interactive PDF viewing experience. It’s especially suited for publications and e-papers that want to offer a more magazine-like experience.
  7. PDF Poster: This plugin converts your PDF into an image preview, making it visible on your website without requiring a PDF viewer. It’s a good option if you want to showcase a cover image or preview of the PDF.
  8. PDF Thumbnails: Similar to PDF Poster, this plugin generates thumbnails for PDFs and displays them on your site. Clicking on the thumbnail can then open the PDF in a viewer.
  9. Real3D FlipBook: If you’re looking for a more visually engaging way to present your e-paper, this plugin creates a realistic 3D flipbook effect for your PDFs.

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